On The House

We live in a city of juxtaposition, where great businesses thrive next to neighborhoods in great need. Meanwhile, local non-profits seeking to meet the needs of Atlanta’s communities struggle to be effective and get their message heard. Matchstic believes that good business drives good community, and we’re in a unique position to help. In 2008, we began our “On the House” initiative: a pro-bono project that serves one non-profit in the local Atlanta area. The selected organization gets the full Matchstic experience—all the strategic and creative magic of our team—for absolutely no charge. In the past five years, we’ve worked with five non-profits to give them the brand overhaul they need to work more effectively. The organizations have ranged from a local rape crisis center to a bike shop that fosters community in a nearby neighborhood. In each case, we’ve seen extraordinary results as our non-profit partners are thriving more than ever before. These success stories affirm our belief that pro bono work done properly can help transform organizations that are transforming our city.

Day League

Day League serves as a bright and essential community resource for both the Atlanta metro area and the entire State of Georgia. By providing sexual assault care and prevention, the organization seeks to ensure that every survivor is given the chance to thrive. 

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Beltline Bike Shop

The Beltline Bike Shop is a neighborhood-driven organization that provides the opportunity for kids to earn a bicycle—and a solid work ethic—through community service.

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Atlanta Mission

The Atlanta Mission is the city’s largest organization fighting to end homelessness. The Mission serves as many as 1,070 men, women and children every day of the year—offering not a handout, but a hand up.

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Swift School

Swift School empowers students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences to overcome the challenges they face.

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City Church Eastside

City Church Eastside is a church for the neighborhood. They embody and beautifully articulate their faith—bringing about spiritually transformed lives, social healing and cultural renewal to Atlanta’s urban Eastside.

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