Case Study: Kanga

by Mackenzie Brookshire    March 17, 2014

Started right here in the heart of Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood, Kanga is a same-day peer-to-peer delivery service that lets people ship stuff on their own terms.

The client team came to us to help them name and develop a visual identity for their exciting new app. Our challenge was to help facilitate quick adoption and sustained affections towards this new crowdsourced way of shipping.

From early conversations with the client, we knew we wanted to develop an identity that would stand out, feel fresh, and appeal to its youthful urban audience. The name “Kanga,” inspired by Earth’s favorite bouncing marsupials with pouches, was the perfect playful metaphor for this new youthful brand, and made way for an exciting and energetic visual identity.

Kanga’s visual identity clearly communicates the company’s heart: let’s kick some butt, ship some stuff, and have fun together in the process. To take cues from the name even further, we illustrated their very own kangaroo mascot “Roo-Man,” later dubbed “Hank” by the Kanga team.





2 thoughts on “Case Study: Kanga”

  1. Love the logotype. The lightning bold highlights on Roo-Man are a very nice touch. Most of all about this article, what I love is seeing the sketched creative process and the ideas that fell by the wayside on the way to the final brand identity and logotype. Great article.

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