Wanted: Fall Design Intern

by Jonathan Lawrence    September 13, 2013

We're still looking for that special, super awesome, design intern for our Fall Design Internship program.

What does that mean for you as a designer?
You’ll work on real projects and smaller design tasks (Like getting John Bowles coffee). We’ll set up monthly check-ins to discuss your progress and help you set future goals (Like how you could be better at making coffee). We can adjust the internship to fit your areas of growth. You’ll learn about office and project work flow (How coffee flows out of the coffee maker). You’ll learn about solving design problems alongside our strategy team (Like what to do when we’re out of coffee). Toward the end of the internship the designers here will review your portfolio. The three months will be fun, challenging and a great opportunity to grow. Humble, yet eager and ready-to-learn candidates are a plus (Just kidding, that’s required).

Submission Guidelines:
•  Send in your best work. (3-8 pieces)
•  Send in your resume.
•  Tell us why you want this internship.
•  Tell us about your design process and thinking.
•  Tell us about you. Show your personality. Make us like you.

Internship Mandatories:
•  At least 30 hours a week.
•  Junior or older. Graduates may apply.

Submission Deadline: NOW!

Internship Duration: Roughly 3 months

Apply here: http://matchstic.theresumator.com/apply

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