A Parallel of Dinner and Branding

by admin    September 26, 2013

Go beyond the first impression.


A brand can be described at three levels:
1. Visceral Design – First impression or physical appearance of the brand
2. Behavioral Design – The experience while interacting with the brand
3. Reflective Design – The memory and level of satisfaction after interacting with the brand

In order to get a better idea of these principles, imagine the best meal you’ve ever had – the way the plate was arranged, the color of the food, the smells (Visceral Design). The first impression made you want to dive in. You take a bite and it is amazing (Behavioral Design). After a few minutes, your plate is wiped clean, every crumb. Even after a couple of weeks, you think back on how enjoyable the meal was and you start to crave it again (Reflective Design).

That’s how we want people to consider a brand. More than a new logo, we have to dig deep to find the distinct values and core message of the brand. The brand needs those that champion the Behavioral and Reflective Design process. How will your audience experience your brand? What do your want your clients to remember?

Don’t just put the right items on the menu. Take your brand all the way and create a lasting impression that leave people craving for more.

The three levels of design is a principle from Emotional Design by Donald A. Norman.

Food photo: Korean dumpling soup – A Matchstic Family Lunch.


One thought on “A Parallel of Dinner and Branding”

  1. Great analogy! I never thought to compare branding to food, at least not beyond the aesthetics and plating. This will definitely stick with me. Thanks for the insight!

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