Collaborating To Bring Brands To Life

by Becky O'Mara    August 8, 2013

We do a ton of web design and guide our clients through bringing their brand strategy to life on the web, but we do not do programming in-house. Why do we do that and why do we think it serves our clients best to operate that way?


One of the primary touch points of a brand is one’s web presence. About five years ago, Matchstic learned the value of focus and the powerful ROI it makes when you hone in and become an expert in a particular skill set and field. Our expertise is in branding; it’s where we bring the most value to our clients and do our best work. Just as we focus on this, we look to collaborate with firms doing the same in other fields, particularly web development. We think we bring the most value to our clients when we can bring someone to the table that’s an expert in web development rather than do a mediocre job ourselves.

Right now we’re looking for more development firms to collaborate with in order to do great work. If you’re a development firm that might be interested in partnering with us on an upcoming project and meet the following criteria, we’d love to meet you! Here’s what we look for in great partners:

  • You must have at least 4+ people in-house, a top notch project manager, and excellent client relationships.
  • Be just a dev firm; we don’t want to be competitors in any way in the realm of branding.
  • Be experts in responsive design, experience in collaborating with an agency or design firm from wireframes, to rapid prototyping, to final launch.

Drop me an email if you’re interested in chatting more!

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