How do you organize your bookshelf?

by admin    August 15, 2013

How do you organize your website? Maybe they are not all that different.

bookshelf A website can organized much like a bookshelf. That is to say, it can be organized with intent, or it can be organized poorly.

To avoid the latter, let’s start with strategy. That becomes your organizing principle. By comparison, this is like choosing to order your books in your office by author, title, color, height, publishing date, date in which you acquired the book, order in which you have read or want to read, subject matter, genre, OR number of pages, to name a few. Each of these tactics will give you differing aesthetics and functionality. You may not be as interested in efficiently finding a title as you are in some other outcome such as prioritizing your next few page turners or creating a work of art.

Similarly, the way you organize your website will warrant different responses and actions from your user. The way you structure the information will lead to varying amounts of curiosity, delight, accomplishment, or frustration. A visitor will be able to find what you want them to find or be left to guess what is behind each arbitrary door or at the end of each rabbit trail. They will clearly understand your offerings that reinforce your brand positioning, or they will be confused as to why you sell such disparate goods or services. They will appreciate that you see the world in a different way and thank you for the view, or they will be underwhelmed by the lack of thoughtfulness.

Again, to avoid the latter, choose your approach based on your brand strategy.

How do you organize your bookshelf? How do you organize your website?

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