by admin    August 27, 2013

I want to know that if you amaze me once, I can expect you to do it again… and again.

There was once a day when you could go see an adorable animated film and there wasn’t an equally adorable animated short film preceding it.

Those days are over now.

Moviegoers walking into a Disney-Pixar film expect to be delighted before the main attraction even begins—and they won’t be disappointed. Since 1997 when Geri’s Game introduced us to A Bug’s Life—and then went on to win an Oscar—Pixar has paired each of its major motion picture releases with an original short. And all these years later, although audiences expect it, somehow it still feels like a surprise. An Easter egg. A hidden gem.

So it can be with a successfully executed brand. Whenever Apple comes out with a new ad campaign, my expectation is that it will impress me with its creativity and attentiveness to the human spirit. When that’s exactly what I get, I’m not bored—I’m delighted all over again, and my loyalty to the brand actually increases.

Because so much is changing in the marketplace all the time, and because quality can be hard to come by, consistently positive experiences are what I—the customer—am looking for. I want to know that if you can amaze me once, I can expect you to do it again… and again.

One thought on “Consistency”

  1. Consistency builds expectation. Predictability breeds boredom. Great post…I needed to be reminded today that it’s worth the fight to always produce interesting and valuable things.

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