A Season of Growth

by admin    July 25, 2013

A designer's perspective.


The past two months at Matchstic, for me personally, have been extremely challenging. Everything felt like a delicate balancing act that could crumble at any moment. Challenging projects, client expectations, my own expectations – everything felt like a struggle. It is only now as I look back, that I’ve come to realize these past two months have been a season of growth.

A couple of things that I’ve walked away with:

  • Everyone works with a different ebb and flow, so adapt and adapt more.
  • Listen first and empathize. Don’t be quick to speak.
  • We are all in the business of coming up with the best solution for the client. Design trends don’t cut it!
  • Sometimes when the ideas aren’t coming – walk away and take a break. Do non-design related things.
  • Be honest. Saying “no” is okay and encouraged.
  • You don’t have to have everything figured out. The future is the future. Stay present.
  • Family first and work second.

All these are much easier said than done. I’m still learning but keep reminding myself that adapting to these principles is a win for everyone in the long run. At the end of the day, I’m thankful for these seasons of growth and I’m super grateful to be at a place where we all share these same values.

One thought on “A Season of Growth”

  1. It’s great that you are able to reflect on recent challenges and see the takeaways, Christina. I think we find ourselves stuck in challenging gears in life because we’re unwilling to stop and listen for the lessons being taught. Like you, I’m still learning, but when I’m grinding a gear and getting no where, I’ve discovered that it’s best to put things in park for a moment and think through the lesson I might be missing—the progress I might be hindering. I may not understand it all at once, but (and to retire this metaphor), I find that when I open myself to understanding how a challenge may be purposed to grow me, I’m able to run through it lot smoother and with fewer stalls.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective, Christina.

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