Surprise & Delight

by admin    July 19, 2013

Exceeding expectations makes good business relationships become great ones.

I had a surprising experience the other day.

As a new resident of Fulton County whose tag also happened to be expired, I have been driving around for the last 6 weeks with the irrepressible fear of being ticketed. I kept shuffling my feet and dredging up excuses—I just moved, I’m settling in, I’ll take it out of my next paycheck… and the list went on. Part of this resistance, granted, was the hefty late fee that I knew would be digging its claws into my bank account. But mainly, I just really, really hate going to the tag office.

I think we can all relate to this on some level—all the perfunctory rhythms of our lives tend to bring some inconvenience. Oil changes, bill payments, dentist appointments… we do not love or long for them, and we put them off when we can.

When I finally walked in that office, I was expecting to find a slough of problems that I would have to solve in order to finally arrive at the solution without any help. What I found instead was a smiling lady behind the counter who took a vested interest in helping me do what needed to be done—even going so far as to keep the office open a little later for me so that I could grab another document that would save me a hundred bucks. I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t have to make two trips. I even saved money. It perhaps goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: my mind was blown.

In nearly every industry, the client is liable to face complications. There is always the one thing they’d do anything to avoid—to save time and money, or just to escape the stress. The rare, but wonderful, organizations are the ones that that aim to assuage client fears, and not only meet their expectations, but go above and beyond to create an exceptional experience. It is actually possible that clients would leave feeling surprised and delighted every time. When they do, those are the experiences that create brand loyalty and build above-average client trust.

Exceeding expectations is the magic that makes good business relationships become great ones, and great relationships are the foundation for an exceptional reputation. If your brand is nothing more than what people say about you when you’re not around, happy customer experiences translate directly to building a great brand. How often are your clients blown away?

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