Positivity Is Contagious

by Mackenzie Brookshire    July 15, 2013

If I could give each and every one of you reading this the feeling I get when I walk through the door at Matchstic, I would. I would package it up in a bottle of sunshine and give it to you. And on the little label it would say "Hey, here's some Positivity for your spirit. Love, Matchstic".

I pretty much have to drag myself out of bed every morning, especially on Mondays. Some days it’s just hard to start out with enthusiasm. Life can be hard, and we have no choice but to carry that on top of our responsibilities at work. Which is why having coworkers and an environment that fosters positivity is so incredibly important.

There have been many times I’ve swiped my red swipey card thing to unlock the door, and I’m feeling not-so-awesome for whatever reason, but I walk in and am greeted with a warm “Hey Mack!”…good music is playing, the sun is shining through the windows, creativity is happening…and my whole mindset turns around. It gives me the opportunity to take all of that positive energy and feel immense gratitude…and then put that gratitude into my work and give that positivity back to others. Positivity fuels passion! Any small gesture can make a huge impact on someone’s day.

What kind of energy will you spread this week?



3 thoughts on “Positivity Is Contagious”

  1. Creativity begins with being thankful for all our circumstances. Sounds strange and yes even the negative. Once we are thankful we, in a sense, are ready for new ideas. If I am stuck creatively it’s usually because I am thinking about things way too much. Reflecting and centering myself is like a creative reboot.

    Have a creative day!

  2. i read an article last week about how just chatting with your co-workers a guaranteed way to be happier at work. i’m so glad i have great co-workers! everyone has an off day (or week! or month! or year!) for me, being surrounded by great people and positivity has played a huge role in helping me not get stuck in those off days (or weeks…)

  3. Nicely said! I couldn’t agree more. As someone fortunate enough to interact with Matchstic as client and contributor both, I can honestly say that days at the office are most often my most favorite. Brilliance and kindness create tremendous positive energy. Something special is happening at Matchstic!

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