Color Choices

by Blake Howard    July 16, 2013

Since we were kids we’ve all been asked, “What’s your favorite color?” We all probably did, and still do, have very different answers. Why?


Tell someone your favorite color and it clues them into more of who we are, your temperament, and your personality. It is the same for brands. The color a brand chooses says something. Actually, color says more of who they are than any headline or tagline ever could.

That kindergarten icebreaker question (What’s your favorite color?) intersects into the branding conversation closer than we’d like. The truth is we (designers & strategists included) are all heavily influenced by external forces and culture creators who choose colors for us, like the clip above from The Devil Wears Prada. Color trends ebb and flow and shape how all of us form opinions on what we think is cool or even acceptable.

At Matchstic, we help navigate clients through those forces, our own forces, and try to make the best decision for the brand. The way we start is by asking these three gut-check questions:

Which colors just make sense for the brand?
Which colors align best with our brand strategy?
Which colors makes the most sense in the competitive landscape?

The consistent answer to those three questions usually produces a limited set of options, one of which best aligns with the client’s likes & dislikes. Even though we are all victims of color bias & trends in the world, we can still steer the ship safely to a strategic destination that’s way better than asking, “What’s your favorite color?”

3 thoughts on “Color Choices”

  1. My brand is branding so my colors are black and white, like an architect’s plans. There needs to be room for my clients to see their brand’s possibility in mine. So, isn’t a more important question – “Which colors allow my target audience to see me in the light that allows them to make a decision toward my brand?”

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