New Work: Street Grace

by admin    June 27, 2013

Because children are priceless.


Street Grace is a faith-based organization that leads churches, community organizations, and individual volunteers on a comprehensive path to end domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in Metro Atlanta and throughout the United States.



Street Grace came to us with a well-known Atlanta brand that has long been at the forefront of defeating DMST in our city. While their name and reputation were respected, both the organization and the issues it faced had outgrown the current state of the brand. Matchstic came alongside Street Grace to help them redefine who they are, where they are going, and how their brandmark should reflect their identity.




Through the brand strategy process, Street Grace discovered that their diverse audiences were ready to be led beyond awareness of the issue alone. Instead, they were looking for “a comprehensive path to end DMST.” This strategic position provided a platform to support a new visual identity system that represents the intersection of communities and collaborative work needed to end DMST–both in the city of Atlanta, and in other cities around the U.S.







See the full case study here.

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