Brand Stew

by admin    June 12, 2013

Be on the lookout for the right decision, which is not always the quick decision.

One lesson I’ve learned in my own life is that when I get excited and make a fast decision, it is usually not the right decision.  To make matters worse, these decisions often involve spending money.  I’ve summed this lesson up as: when quick decisions are made based on momentary excitement, they are usually not right.

Thankfully, our process provides clients and us with the opportunity to think on ideas and concepts, allowing everyone to stew on the decision that needs to be made before actually making it.  I always try to encourage clients, and myself, to be patient and plan on taking that needed time to make the right decision.

In today’s fast paced culture of quick change, sometimes making space to think is tough.  It’s funny, whenever a wrong decision is made quickly, typically there is one person who had that “gut feeling” it wasn’t right.  Collaborating and cultivating a process that encourages conversations is vital to building anything worth building.

When developing a brand, whether implementing a new name or brand identity, ideas need to be well thought out and developed before making any big decisions.  Take the time to marinate and let those ideas slow cook in the pot for decisions that taste and sit the best!

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