Balance or Integrate?

by admin    June 26, 2013

Great relationships are the cornerstone of great work.

At Matchstic, we believe that great work starts with great relationships, internally and externally.

Work has the power to either bring much joy to our lives, or much frustration.  With the work / life balance lines blurring with every new technology released, work / life integration might be the new way of thinking.

If work and life are going to be integrated, make sure you are doing what you love, with people you want to do it with.  Great relationships are the cornerstone of a great work and a fulfilled life.  When you’re in a job you love, working with amazing people, doing what you love, work can bring much joy and satisfaction to life.  And as some of us well know, when work is satisfying, your relationships outside of work thrive as well.

Do what you love.  Work to the best of your abilities.  Use your gifts to add value in a way that only you can do.  Serve, encourage and enable each other to do the best work each of us is capable of.  Measure yourself by your own capabilities, not by comparison.  And always remember, relationships at the office and at home are what matter most.

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