A Trip To The Movies

by Jonathan Lawrence    June 28, 2013

Commercial art and subjective reviews.

I went to the movies with some friends the other night. We saw a great new film. There’s nothing I love more than the escape into a good movie. Truthfully, it doesn’t even have to be that good, it just has to be interesting enough to take me in and get me out of my day. On our way out of the theatre, my friends and I discussed our favorite parts…

“I thought that fight scene was amazing,” one friend said.
“Not me, but the ending was great!” said another.
“The whole thing was much better than the old one,” I said.

People will love your brand for different reasons, just like a movie. Just because someone doesn’t like one part doesn’t mean your brand is less effective or desirable. If anything, it means your reaching different people, a larger audience.

We all may not have liked the same parts of the movie necessarily, but we all agreed that the movie was good and worth seeing. If the producer had tried to please everyone with every part of the film, it would probably end up feeling stale or predictable. Remember, the twists and turns are what keep things interesting. You don’t have to be everything to everyone, just be something to someone.

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