Road Trip!

by admin    May 15, 2013

The map you follow will determine your destination...


… and the directions on that map will determine the route by which you take to reach your destination.

When taking a road trip from Atlanta to New York City, the first thing most of us would do is determine how long it will take, what the options are for getting there, and where can we get Moon Pies along the way.  In the end, we will plot our course and set out on the great adventure…I like to think these principles apply to many areas in life, including brand strategy and design.  The map we follow determines our destination. 

As a Matchstic fan of many years, I often wondered how such good work came out of the firm.  When I arrived here several weeks ago and the curtain was pulled back, what I saw was not what I had in mind: an amazing process that drives deep insights and world-class design.

You see, in order to arrive at world-class strategy and design, there has to be a world-class process at the core.  A good process takes time and experience to cultivate, and if deviated from, the outcome will likely be unknown.

I often encourage people to take the time to truly define where do you want to go and how do you want to get there.  The how do you want to get there is the process.  At Matchstic, whether it’s brand strategy, naming, or identity design, that process is tried and true and clients who understand the value in that arrive at the final destination they embarked for.

Have you plotted your course?

What is currently determining the course you are on?

Are you heading towards the destination you desire to arrive at?  If not, how should you course-correct before you reach Los Angeles when you left heading to New York City?

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