Connecting the Head & the Heart

by Blake Howard    March 12, 2013

Building a brand is like a life-sized game of connect the dots.

Great brands magically connect consumers’ heads AND hearts. It takes both.

For us, brand strategy is the head. The logical definition of the brand. For example, Volvo = safety, BMW = drivability, LEVI’s = America’s jeans. It’s the unsexy positioning in the marketplace that drives home clarity, differentiation, and focus, and it usually lives in a brand brief.

The creative is the heart. The beautiful, emotional expression of the brand. It’s the visualization of the strategy that incites a positive reaction from the consumer. It can be a mark, an icon, typography, a photograph, an ad, or a complete branding program.

Great strategy (the head) without great creative (the heart) fails every time. The reverse is true as well. Great creative without great strategic thinking won’t work. The two are intrinsically married.

What’s missing for you? Do you need more head or more heart?

PS — Ironically, one of my favorite bands in the world is called The Head and The Heart, listen to them.

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