Celebrate Your Brand

by Mackenzie Brookshire    March 18, 2013

Be fantastic, be you and be proud.

John’s post last week about Hannah-Barbara and the value of being odd reminded me about these old Robert Abel & Associates commercials.

These commercials didn’t just bring a new visual language to television, they brought heavy doses of odd. I like to imagine what it was like for the agency to explain their vision on some of these. No doubt the style is a reflection of the times, nonetheless these companies boldly embraced the value of being odd to the point of being fantastical, and we’re still looking back at them today for inspiration.

They mesmerize us because every second is like a celebration of their brand’s story. The experience it creates leaves us feeling inspired, intrigued and more connected to the product.

Treat your brand like every second is worth a celebration of its value and good things are sure to follow.

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