Branding – Big & Small

by Jonathan Lawrence    March 8, 2013

As the use of digital media grows, so does a need for your company's branding to get smaller.

Do you know what a favicon is? Stop. Look to the left of the URL in your browser. See that small icon? That’s a favicon. Your brand needs to be able to exist in smaller spaces like this, and still feel like your brand.

We’ve watched the need for secondary applications, such as this, grow over the years, and it’s something we always take into consideration during our branding process. Sometimes it’s impossible to cram your brandmark into such a tiny space. What do you do then?

We try to build our brands so that they break down into smaller spaces easily. Perhaps the secondary icon is just a symbol, or a letter, and use of your color palette. Nevertheless, it needs to be unique, and it needs to tie itself back to your brand. Simplicity and consistency are the two keys to success here. So that your branding feels the same, from the 16×16 pixel favicon to your company’s billboard.

Now leave this blog, and go to your website. What does the favicon on your company’s website look like? Or your app icon? Does it feel consistent with your brand?

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