Don't get caught in a rat race.

by admin    February 15, 2013

Why mimicking your competition is a dead end.

As a company, have you ever looked at your competition and found that their brand or website was where you wanted to be? You analyze them and pick apart their brand. What follows is one of two situations.

1. You look at the competition, find something they do that you like and mimic it, but make it slightly “better”.
2. You focus on your company, its values, distinctions and use it to stand out.

The flaw in the first scenario is that you are just pulling ahead by a few inches, until the other company revamps and shoots ahead of you. It’s not easy to separate yourself from the masses. It takes courage, risk and tenacity. But I’d like to think the rewards outweigh the risk.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs.

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