Dial into Brand Distinction

by Jason Orme    February 12, 2013

24/7 Comedy, 92.3!

Lately, I have been having a conversation repeatedly. It goes something like this:

“I have been listening to this new comedy channel on the radio, and it is hilarious. They just have little snippets of different comedians constantly playing.”

“Oh my gosh, me too.”

Riveting, I know.

But you can actually tell a lot by what is NOT mentioned in this dialogue.

First: No analog necessary.
This brand is simple enough to explain that it doesn’t have to be compared to any existing business. It is a radio channel that plays short segments of comedy sketches.

Second: The name is not recognizable. 
The channel is not known by its name, 24/7 Comedy. I even had to look up the station, 92.3, twice while writing this because I simply have it programmed into my presets. They are missing out on an opportunity for brand equity here. The name should be more prominent, but in the end, the value listeners receive transcends the label assigned to it. That is more important.

Third: Any other radio station.
The fact of the matter is that the only other radio station I ever heard anyone talk about since I have been in Atlanta is NPR. These two channels stand alone in the unique content that they provide. Radio seems to be one of those industries that is highly commoditized. A distinct offering is what makes these two brands noteworthy.

In a competitive landscape where your only differentiator is the genre of music you play, what would you do to stand out?

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