Branding Pep Talk

by Blake Howard    February 5, 2013

"The world needs you to stop being boring." - Kid President

There is something beautiful & refreshing about a child’s simplistic few of the world. Adults make businesses, brands, and life in general too complex. “Boringness” is a symptom of our aging adult bodies and complicated world.

How many kids do you know that get bored? When I was a kid, I only needed a few sticks and some woods to make the most epic tree hide out to defend the world from the evil Cobra Commander.

Mediocrity is a choice people and brands make. The word “normal” was never part of our childhood dreams, yet somehow it is the accepted daily standard. Brands are created by people, for people, and they need great people to create them. Who really dreams of creating businesses with mediocrity and normalcy as the standard? Who wants to scrape by in their business?

The road less traveled comes with thorns and thistles, like Kid President mentioned, but it is also the road to awesome. The best brands take that path. Not because it’s the best way to get where you’re going (that’s the road most traveled) but because it’s a different way to get there. It’s not always about being better, sometimes it’s about being different.

In the words of Kid President, “Just be awesome, and give the world a reason to dance.”

Thanks Jason, for introducing me to the amazingness of Kid President and Norman, the scooter riding dog.

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