Avoid the Jargon

by Craig Johnson    February 6, 2013

A look into the dark side of company one-liners.

Last week, Jason turned me onto Jargonated.com which quickly became the source of a lot of laughs around our office.  It basically makes fun of all marketing agencies, exploiting the insane use of jargon used to sell marketing services.

Some examples include:

“We concept gamified relationships that connect with loyal followers.”
“We cook up web 3.0 narratives that connect with loyal influencers.”

It’s easy to make fun of this type of phrasing, but having worked with hundreds of companies over the years, I understand how tempting it is to try not only to say everything, but to say it in such a flashy way that when you step back, you don’t even know what it means any more.

When developing your elevator sentence or company one-liner, it’s important to follow a few simple principles.

  1. Make sure it’s actually true not just to who you say you are, but who your customers would say you are
  2. Don’t say the same thing everyone else says – aka: avoid the jargon.
  3. Keep it simple and straight forward.

Kudos to Justin Feinstein and Visakh Menon for cooking up this masterpiece.

Thanks to our new intern William for the blog graphic.

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