We Ignite Passionate Brands

by admin    January 7, 2013

Every organization needs a rally cry. An internal maxim that energizes their brand. A core purpose.


At Matchstic, our core purpose is clear: We exist to ignite passionate brands.

A roaring fire starts with the ignition of a single spark. Until that point, the kindling emits no energy; it has no power. But once ignited, a small flame has the ability to create energy and power of incredible strength.

We spark the first flame for some brands.

We fan the flame brighter, taller, and hotter for others.
We reignite brands whose flame is dwindling.
And we help other brands build a fire that can be seen from afar. Igniting passionate brands may mean creating passion, renewing passion, or spreading passion. It requires passion on our part and invites passion from others.
But—no matter what—it always results in unmistakable change.

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