Space Rocks

by Blake Howard    January 29, 2013

On a crisp morning in Sutter’s Mill California, ironically where gold was first discovered in 1848 (triggering the American gold rush), a HUGE 50-ton meteor, the size of Texas, blazed through the skies, causing several sonic booms and raining down countless pieces of space nuggets.

I recently heard this story on NPR and was in complete awe of the thought of a meteor weighing 100,000 pounds traveling at 18 miles per second (that’s 64,800 miles per hour!) crashing into planet Earth, with little to no effect. Luckily for us (as citizens of that planet), the unfathomable speed of the rock was also its demise. It burned up to only a few small dinky bits, the biggest being about the size of a fist.

Sometimes brands are launched in the same way. “Out of this world” work takes place. Huge ideas, ones the size of Texas, are concieved but the demands of deadlines and other forces cause frantic speeds, burning up the best ideas in the process. The only impact made are a few weak space rocks that sprinkle across the consumer landscape.

Launching a new brand should be seen as an astronomical opportunity to change perceptions, gain ground, and reconnect with consumers, making a huge impact. Don’t let unrealistic speeds and sonic booms be the demise of your launch.

The best brand launches answer these simple key questions:

Who needs to know?
What do they need to know?
How do they need to know it?

Take time to think through every point of communication. Make it thoughtful and signal to consumers things have changed for the better. Make it matter.

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