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by Jonathan Lawrence    January 11, 2013

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This past year we had the privilege to work with Richard Photo Lab. Richard is a quality-obsessed photography lab in Hollywood, California, known for their great degree of care with image processing, scanning and handling – they sweat the details of each and every frame.

Our challenge, was to sweat the detail as well, and communicate the heart of a photo lab that takes no shortcuts. The photography lab industry is a dying art, few do it well, but Richard is known as one of the best in the nation. To inspire our design, we looked back to the heydays of film – From the logo to the website, our work was inspired by old film slides and packaging. We really wanted to capture what it means to craft a photo, to take the time to really do it right, and to relish in the details and imperfections that make a real photograph beautiful.

The folks at Richard Photo Lab truly love their work, and it shows. From the new website and packaging tape, to the use of the color orange, we wanted to capture and communicate the craftsmanship and human artistry of this amazing company. Richard’s careful attention to detail was carefully brought to life in every aspect of the new brand. The deep intentionality that goes into every scan and print – the stages, the tools, the materials, the paper, the chemicals, the details, the scanners, and the craft is front and center. The artisans at Richard are the heroes.




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Richard Photo Lab Super 8 from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

See the complete rebrand.

4 thoughts on “Richard Photo Lab”

  1. I recently sent some film to RPL. After not visiting their site for a few months I was so thrilled to see this re-brand. It’s so cool that Matchstic is responsible for this great work!

  2. This is about the most revolutionary rebrand compared to an old look (if you could even call their old brand that). It all looks incredible. You’ve really matched their skill with a great look to go along.

  3. [...] Richard Photo Lab Ok, a shameless plug for our own work but then it is our blog. Richard Photo Lab is a small shop over on the west coast. They've got an enthusiastic fan base including many of the who's who of photography who really love what Richard does with their photos. The shop also has a personality, expressed in the way it talks. Their most recent ads are written as "love letters" from Richard… [...]

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