New Work: Fizz Website

by admin    January 24, 2013

Spread the Word: Fizz Gets a Makeover

We recently had the opportunity to redesign the website for Fizz, a word of mouth marketing (WOMM) agency. So what exactly is word of mouth marketing? In the words of founder Ted Wright, it’s “people sharing interesting, relevant and authentic stories about your brand.”

Back in 2007, Matchstic rebranded the company. However, through the years Fizz’s work in the beverage industry expanded to serve multiple industries and they needed a new website to reflect this.


Our Goal
To create a website that reflects all Fizz has to offer through WOMM. We wanted to capture the vibrance of Ted’s personality as well as his team’s wealth of knowledge in this field because they really are the best in their category. We also wanted to update the structure of the site – no more fixed frames and tiny type.

With websites, content is always king – especially for a WOMM agency. We made the homepage a high-level overview of all that Fizz offers. There are educational facts about WOMM, Fizz’s detailed process, client testimonials – all wrapped up with cheeky copy to convey the personality of the company. We knew we had to bring the copy to life through large spacious layouts that would invite viewers to read and learn more.

But enough writing about it. Go check out the website for yourself:




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