Matchstic Gingerbread Showdown!

by Mackenzie Brookshire    January 3, 2013

One of the best things about the holiday season is taking time to have fun with the people you care about. This year, after enjoying a wonderful family lunch of pre-Christmas tamales, Matchstic went out in a graham-crackery, candy-covered, stomach-achey blaze of glory before leaving for the holidays by hosting our first ever gingerbread building contest.

The rules were simple:

1. It does NOT have to be a house.

2. You may only use the following materials: 

  • Graham crackers
  • white, red, and green icing
  • gumdrops
  • candy canes
  • twizzlers
  • frosted mini wheats
  • red hots
  • sprinkles
  • marshmellows
  • rice krispies
  • chocolate chips
3. You have one hour.


The Winners  

*Winners were judged by the industry-standard twizzler point system.*


First Place
After a tie-breaker and an impressive 4 twizzler votes, Dustin took home first place with his Bryant-Denny Gingerbread Stadium.


Second Place
Blake’s Gingerbread Santa Claus held on strong with 3 twizzler votes, but alas, he still came in second.


Honorable Mention
Jonathan’s Falling Graham Cracker completely collapsed 10 minutes away from the 1 hour mark, only to be fully restored even beyond its original luster. Well done.


The Non-Winners

John’s Gingerbread Sleigh
The ingenuity with the candy cane seat is really impressive.


Craig’s Falcon-ish Logo
This creation reminds us that we all excel in different ways.


Becky’s Giant Candy Cane House
It kind of looks like it’s scared by how beautiful it is.


Mark’s Santa Riding In Truck
Since we live in Georgia, we all agree there’s nothing weird about Santa riding in the back of a truck.


Christina’s Snowy Shack
A rather charming take on the traditional gingerbread house.


And finally, my Third Little Pig’s House
Completely fortified by gumdrops and an internal support system of twizzlers and marshmallows. It was so good.


That is all! Think we got the winners right??

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