CAT phone

by admin    January 14, 2013

Does this make sense?

Sitting on the plane this weekend reading none other than Sky Magazine I found an ad for the CAT phone. What an interesting brand extension. To me CAT is known for massive machines that move the earth like bulldozers, loaders and hydraulic evacuators. A CAT cell phone I thought?

I suppose a phone is just as likely to find its place on a tool belt as a hammer these days. There’s certainly a market for a heavy-duty mobile tech that can take a beating like the IBM Toughbook for example. Though, does it make sense for CAT to get into that game? It’s actually not unprecedented for a automobile brand to offer a mobile phone. Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes all have one. You probably buy a Ferrari phone for the same reasons you buy a Ferrari, style and status. You decide on the CAT phone, however, the way you decide on which power drill to buy.

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