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by Craig Johnson    January 2, 2013

I love a new year. A fresh start. A clear signal to put everything from the previous year behind and look ahead. A time to start things. A time to quit things.

December was a month for me to reflect on what I did in 2012 and what I want to accomplish in 2013.  I enjoy the exercise of auditing my life, taking everything off of my plate and then processing what gets put back onto the plate.  So often I never quit anything because it’s just easier not to.  But the end of a year is an opportunity for me to go through this process.

It’s also been a time to think through a similar process for the main brand on my mind, Matchstic.  I have to go back to the heart of our brand and look at all of our activities through that lens to decide what we need to continue and what we need to quit.  The process is made easier by having a clear understanding of what our brand stands for and a clear vision of where we’re headed.

No more thinking and processing though, 2013 is here and I couldn’t be more excited!!  So here’s to all of you we get the opportunity to work with in 2013; we can’t wait.

Now, let’s get to work!!

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