How's Your Brand Feeling?

by Jonathan Lawrence    December 14, 2012

With the change in seasons, there's a good chance that you (just like most of us here at the office) have felt a little under the weather lately.

You may have visited your family doctor, or perhaps dropped into a minute clinic. It seems like minute clinics are about as popular as Starbucks these days, and you can get a flu shot just about anywhere. (Creepy, right?) Regardless, I suppose both get the job done. Both will check your symptoms, run a few tests, diagnose the problem, and prescribe you a solution. The difference lies in the diagnosis.

Minute clinics are usually staffed by nurses who are overseen by an off-site physician. The nurses have enough know-how to treat simple medical issues, but are unable to sufficiently treat beyond their medical knowledge. These nurses, even with their advanced training, simply are not doctors.

If you didn’t notice, I’m drawing a parallel to branding here. You see, our industry has its fair share of minute clinics. Some might even consider them convenient, or “a great deal” for their situation… And that may be true for a simple graphics issue. The problem with these quick stop sites is that anyone who has the latest version of the Adobe suite, can give you whatever it is you want.

If you’re a business owner and are considering branding or rebranding your company, see a professional expert that can prescribe what you need.

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