Branding Folklore

by Blake Howard    December 4, 2012

Folk tales have been told for thousands of years to transfer wisdom and truth from one generation to the next. Here is one such story...

There once was a man lost deep in the forest. For days and days he aimlessly traveled about looking for a way home. Until, as fate would have it, he crossed paths with another man in the woods. This was no ordinary man however, this was an experienced woodsmen with compass, map, and best made axe all in hand. This guide knew well what it would take to get the man back home. He traveled off with the guide for weeks and months, trusting he truly knew the way. At times his intuition said they should go left when the guide took them right, but his trust remained. Eventually the man made it out of the forest and, most importantly, back home.

This is a great parable for branding. If you are “lost in the woods,” considering which way to go with a brand, perhaps you need a guide. An experienced guide who knows where you are (like a brand audit) and what it takes to get you to your destination. Whether with us or someone else, trust your guide, like the man in the story. Often I see and hear of lost folks who didn’t trust their guide along the way and ended up lost in the woods again — eventually eaten by bears. Don’t get eaten by bears. Trust your guide.

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