Wake & Make

by Jonathan Lawrence    November 30, 2012

Henry & Co. brings quality, craft and gifts to Creative Mornings Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Henry & Co., founded in 1975, brings two generations of experience and craft to the printing and finishing industry. Jason and Julie Henry pride themselves on their company’s high-end, detail driven output; taking the time to do the job right, and differentiating their brand from the competition in the process. After the company confirmed a date to speak at Creative Mornings, they graciously asked Matchstic to design a poster that they could then letterpress, and hand out at the lecture. We, of course, agreed, and I was honored to be able to design it.

We decided on the concept of “Wake & Make” connecting mornings with the printing process, and Creative Mornings with Henry & Co. Creative Mornings is always fun and inspiring, and we wanted to bring those feelings into the poster. Letterpressing the poster really gave Henry & Co an opportunity to exhibit their craft. Together, our goal was to inspire everyone to wake up and make something great, or even just to make it a great day. Because when you’re having fun, when you’re loving what you do and giving it you’re all, that’s when you’re making something of quality and integrity.

Watch the poster on-press at Henry & Co. below. Special thanks to Brent Clouse for his video skills.

Wake & Make from CreativeMornings/Atlanta on Vimeo.

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