Something from Nothing

by Blake Howard    November 15, 2012

Brand Identity is about the act of creating something from nothing. Enthusiastically breathing new life into existence.

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with creation. Staring at a blank piece of paper. Taking a pencil to it and creating something that didn’t exist a moment earlier. Giving it a title. And now that sketch, (formerly a blank piece of paper) now has an identity.

The same is true in branding. You have a new product, service, or experience that didn’t previously exist and yet when you give it a name, you give it an identity. It becomes something. An identity is born.

If you are deciding on whether or not to create a new brand (a new company, new service, or new product) simply ask yourself this one big question:

Does it really need a life of its own? Or should it be an extension of something already living?

5 thoughts on “Something from Nothing”

  1. Great post and great question. Some companies have too many brands living under them, too many kids to take care of. A brand becomes that seasons style, to a company, rather than something to nurture and grow. I have seen companies communicating to their customers with an over abundance of information and product brands. Companies must keep simplification at heart, nourish their brands instead of creating new ones.

  2. We just wrestled with that this week with launching a specific teacher recruiting initiative for Memphis. Instead of making it it’s own deal, we made it an extension of our larger recruiting campaign is launching in a few days.

    It has ended up being the best decision for this push.

  3. Great question. I think in multiple creative industries, there is a tendency to want to fight against the man and reinvent the wheel when, perhaps, the solution is to help refine what already exists. Hard pill to swallow but so important to answer before diving in too deep! Thanks guys!

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