Ten Questions with Devin

by Admin    May 31, 2012

Say hello to Devin, our new intern. More commonly known as “The Devastator,” Devin is a Georgia native with a thoughtful process and a taste for Korean tacos.

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4 Logo Misconceptions

by Blake Howard    May 30, 2012

A great brand mark is a powerful thing, but the reality is it can’t do everything.

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Getting Naked

by Craig Johnson    May 29, 2012

I don’t like to admit it, but I often get scared. Those fears can get in the way of me doing good work. Recently I read a great book that helped define the fears I often get and what I can do about them.

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Sharing at Work

by Jonathan Lawrence    May 25, 2012

You’ve probably heard about sharing since you were three years old. But things are different now, right?

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Put More Heads Together

by Admin    May 24, 2012

These black boards are up everywhere in our office. Work is being put up and taken down daily. We work openly and as a team to push ourselves and our work.

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It's Not Always About Design

by Admin    May 23, 2012

Honest, intentional and not overly designed. The new look of Amnesty International is courageously simplified to answer the challenge of an international brand.

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Place Matters

by Blake Howard    May 22, 2012

“Man is a child of his environment” – Shinichi Suzuki (Japanese Violinist)

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Like the Mall

by Admin    May 21, 2012

Should Facebook be a mall, department store, brand store, food court or just the floors in between?

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Not Buying The Pitch

by Jonathan Lawrence    May 18, 2012

What message is “The Pitch” sending to the next generation of clients and industry professionals?

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On the House Wrap-Up: Beltline Bike Shop

by Admin    May 17, 2012

I am proud to finally announce the completion of Matchstic’s 2011 On The House recipient, the Beltline Bike Shop.

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