Dollar Shave Club

by admin    March 12, 2012

“Our Blades Are F***ing Great.”

Some of you may have already seen this as of last Monday. If not, I’m happy to pass along…

“Introducing Dollar Shave Club. Like most good ideas, The Dollar Shave Club started with two guys who were pissed off about something and decided to do something about it… Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our great razors, pay one low monthly fee, and we send ‘em right to your door. No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech. No more forgetting to buy your blades.”

It’s a brilliantly simple idea and I hope it takes off. What I love the most about this brand is it’s tone. I love the way it talks. The Dollar Shave Club brand sells razor blades the same way Old Spice sells deodorant, satirically. Both present an incidental critique of what has come to be the norm by pointing out it’s absurdity. It’s like what I expect from the The Daily Show or Colbert Report but in a razor. This kind of brand appeals to my practical and cynical side. I don’t get the sense that their trying to sell me crap I don’t need or promise me more than they are actually going to deliver. It makes sense and is a good deal. It reminds me of all the ridiculous commercials I’ve seen with 3, 4, 5 blades and F-16′s. Or guys with baby faces that effortlessly shave in one swipe. Seriously?

Here’s the deal, it’s simple:
Sell me a product you yourself would honestly use at a price you would honestly pay.

More satire here.

6 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club”

  1. “I’m no Vanderbilt, but this train makes hay.” – I love this guy and this concept. I can’t wait for my blades to run out so I can switch to Dollar Shave Club.

  2. I watched the video one time and signed up immediately. The brilliant humor alone was worth trying it out for a month. I have since showed it to about 20 of my friends. I’m excited to check out their #%*€$&@ great blades.

  3. More so than the humor I think this is just a great business idea. They’ve used the tone to market the idea really effectively to their audience. Unlike “DQ” who have attempted the old spice random satire tone and, in my opinion, failed miserably and come off as unoriginal and lame.

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