Statement of Beliefs #9

by admin    November 29, 2011

Belief Number Nine is about our duty to be responsible citizens of our city by supporting connections between people and working with the community to improve the conditions of where we live.


Ultimately, as a creative agency we hope that everything we do makes a difference and will inspire others to do the same. Here at Matchstic we have many unique gifts. On top of creativity, empathy and a taste for forward-thinking solutions, we also have a deep interest in using our talents to improve the human experience.

How can we improve the conditions of where we live and contribute to the cultural vitality around us? By becoming involved in solving important problems, we have the deepest impact as our creations and choices can shape peoples’ habits and values.

We take pride in our city and love where we live. Through our annual pro-bono campaign,  On the House,  our continued relationships with local clients, and the recent addition of an Atlanta chapter of CreativeMornings, we are helping to build a rich, creative industry in Atlanta.

Past Beliefs:

• #1 – We hold each other’s feet to the fire.

• #2 – We follow through on our word.

• #3 – We rise and fall as a team.

• #4 – We know the difference between a career and a life.

• #5 – We will be profitable; this is not a social club.

• #6 – We recognize that it’s their flag, not ours.

• #7 – We know our clients aren’t always right, but neither are we.

• #8 – When in doubt, we will fight for relationships.

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