Coke White

by Admin    October 31, 2011

Coke goes white for the holidays.

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A Designful Nation

by Admin    October 28, 2011

“Design is differentiation made visible, visceral, and experiential. Creativity and innovation are emerging as disciplines because we have no other choice.” – Mark Payne

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Organic Branding

by Admin    October 27, 2011

Bland. Expected. Fleeting. These are words that no brand finds ideal. In what way can these be avoided? The Little Octart teaches us how to dougie.

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Q&A with Alina Wheeler

by Craig Johnson    October 26, 2011

Yesterday our team had the pleasure of spending time with the ever-gracious, knowledgable and inspiring Alina Wheeler.

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October Creative Mornings

by Blake Howard    October 25, 2011

Last month the first ever Creative Mornings in Atlanta kicked off with 125+ attendees & amazing content from Sid Mashburn. This Friday we are gearing up to host our second event with design legend Rick Anwyl.

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The Intersection

by Jason Orme    October 24, 2011

Where do you fall on this chart?

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Rebranding Religion

by Admin    October 21, 2011

No matter your political affiliation or religion, its been fascinating to see the Mormon church attempt a rebrand.

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Sheer Pleasure

by Admin    October 20, 2011

In the business of brand identity, the question of “real value” comes up quite a bit. What is good design worth?

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Bold Brand Decisions

by Craig Johnson    October 19, 2011

Once you define what your brand is about, you have to make bold decisions to live it out.

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The Art of Equity Managment

by Blake Howard    October 18, 2011

If you are looking to make a perception change through a rebrand initiative, but are concerned about throwing the baby out with the bath water (loosing current brand equity or loyal customers in the process), here are several analogs to consider regarding the art of change.

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