Solving Social Problems with Design

by Admin    July 29, 2011

Design is a practice used for so much more than making something look good. Good design can take complex ideas and turn them into ideas that sink in – ideas that become practical, emotional, functional, inspirational, and action-bearing.

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Spain in Photos

by Admin    July 28, 2011

Two weeks ago I visited Spain. It was a really amazing experience – part vacay, part food and drink overindulgence, and part art and type nerdfest.

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Matchstic Team: Upgraded

by Craig Johnson    July 27, 2011

Our team has changed a good bit over the past year and it’s about time we update our website accordingly.

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2 Parts to 1 Brand

by Blake Howard    July 26, 2011

There are two, equally important, halves of a brand to consider. Some might say one precedes the other, what’s more important is bringing the two together in unified symmetry.

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A Better Process

by Admin    July 25, 2011

I see a spectrum when it comes to creative processes. Rigid on one end and loose on the other. I think the process determines both the working relationship and the work.

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by Admin    July 22, 2011

Photography, branded with craft and the American South in mind.

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Packaging Kills

by Admin    July 21, 2011

How graphics can influence consumer choices.

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Designer's Challenge

by Admin    July 20, 2011

Embracing the challenge of designing in a way appropriate to the specifics and distinctions of the unique context that every project confronts you with is the real test of a designer.

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Change Factors

by Blake Howard    July 19, 2011

We often work with organizations who need clarity on whether or not they should change their name, logo, or tagline. Here are the key factors we look for when determining if a change is needed or not.

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by Admin    July 18, 2011


After the name is decided, the logo is finalized, the website is fully developed and the new brand identity is launched, how do you stay focused?

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