Brand Partnerships

by Craig Johnson    April 27, 2011

Many factors play into choosing a business to partner with, including one simple brand test.

Within the past year I was speaking with the CEO of a fortune 500 company and we were discussing partnerships between companies and he said something that rung true to me as a brand consultant.  He said that he asks himself this simple question,

“Does my logo fit next to their logo?”

This comment isn’t just about a visual aesthetic.  It’s about a deeper layer of culture, DNA and philosophy within an organization and how it really can all be summed up into a company’s logo.

Here are some examples of brand partnerships that make sense to me:

  • Delta + Coke (ATL!!)
  • Nike + iPod
  • Microsoft + Dell

Here are some questionable brand partnerships, in my opinion:

  • Chrysler + Eminem (I see the Detroit connection, but maybe Chrysler and rap still seem a little far off for me)
  • Subway + every gas station (I understand the convenience factor, but it has damaged my perception of Subway)

Two Matchstic partnerships that continue to thrive and match DNA and culture with us are.

  • Bottlecap (great web development shop that was our first main development partner)
  • Ripple (our IT firm that gets who we are so their IT suggestions always match our DNA)

I’d love to hear some comments on other brand partnerships that do or don’t make sense to you.

2 thoughts on “Brand Partnerships”

  1. Lady Gaga’s partnership with Polaroid is one that never made sense to me. For example, the camera sunglasses she designed are not only ridiculous but also very unrealistic. Do you really want to wear your sunglasses everytime you want to take a picture?

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