Ten Questions with Jason

by Admin    March 31, 2011

Meet Jason Orme. He’s been helping around the office for the past couple months (like hanging those nice letters on the wall) and just joined our team as a design intern. A current graduate student at SCAD, he brings with him an appreciation for grapefruit spoons and a passion for community restoration.

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The Fastest Form of Communication

by Craig Johnson    March 30, 2011

We live in a cluttered world where more and more voices are continually competing for our attention. If we want to break through the clutter we must communicate a large amount of information at light speed.

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Building The Jane

by Blake Howard    March 29, 2011

The New Matchstic office took 2 months to design, 3 months to build, and one minute and forty-six seconds to show you…

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Diet Coke

by Admin    March 28, 2011

These Diet Coke billboards are a great example of the freedom that comes with a recognizable brand identity. Their design utilizes the ideal, memorability.

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When Rebels Become King

by Admin    March 25, 2011

Its fun to be on the leading edge. The first to read a book before it becomes a best seller. Discovering a band before they hit it big. An early adopter of new technology. But when the radical goes mainstream, oftentimes there is a feeling that it becomes ordinary. Commonplace drains that sense of special.

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by Admin    March 24, 2011

Is it better to walk away from short-term sales in order to protect the meaning, the essence of a brand?

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Brand Complexity

by Craig Johnson    March 23, 2011

The more touchpoints your brand has, the more complex building that brand becomes.

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Join Us for Brands N' Eggs!

by Blake Howard    March 22, 2011

Got plans the morning of Friday April 8th? Well, I hope not! You’re invited to come on down and join us at our new “House” for an amazing one-of-a-kind breakfast, live music, and good people.

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Family Business

by Admin    March 21, 2011

You know how people talk about their company being one big family. Is that really possible? Can you have a valuable business that doesn’t value its people by how much they produce? For a business to compete externally must its employees also compete internally? Is there an alternative incentive structure to raises, promotions or bonuses? Can a company really be “like” family?

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The Joy of Team

by Admin    March 18, 2011

We’ve presented to a vast array of people and environments over the years: presentations over breakfast, at our office, remote presentations over GoToMeeting, a presentation on a cruise ship, a presentation to a four-star General, another to a group of 70 internationally located people all on one conference call, and on. No matter who and how we are presenting – we need a team to emerge.

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