Giving Thanks

by Craig Johnson    November 24, 2010

As I’ve gotten older, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. It’s a time to remember the things we’re thankful for, eat good food, and simply enjoy being together with family and friends. The day before this great holiday I wanted to put down the branding hat and mention some of the people I’m thankful for at Matchstic.

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Reasons To Buy

by Blake Howard    November 23, 2010

With the Holiday season quickly upon us we are about to be inundated with tons of purchasing decisions. So, Why do we choose to buy the gifts that we do?

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Brand Archaeologists

by Admin    November 22, 2010

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Posing Isn't Cool, Even in Branding

by Admin    November 19, 2010

Remember when you were in junior high, sitting at the lunch table, listening to all the kids laughing about a movie they had just seen but you hadn’t? Remember when you tried laughing to fit in so you wouldn’t bring attention to the fact that your mom didn’t allow you to see that movie…it was just too adult in her opinion. You wanted to cover up your apparent lack of ‘coolness’. What if someone found out you were that lame? No one could know. Welcome to the art of pretending to be something you are not; the art of posing.

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The Business of Ugly

by Admin    November 18, 2010

Ugly design can be a conscious attempt to create and define alternative standards. Like warpaint, the dissonant styles which many contemporary designers have applied to their visual communications are meant to shock an enemy – complacency.

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Don't Shelter Your Brand

by Craig Johnson    November 17, 2010

When designing brand identity, one will think about in all its gloriousness. They will think about and look at all the possibilities of what could be with this identity. When it’s all said and done, they send it out into the mean, cluttered world of the free market and all the rules change.

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3 Questions for Creating Company Culture

by Blake Howard    November 16, 2010

Do you remember Nickelodeon’s Inside Out Boy? It was the story of a happy-go-lucky kid who swung all the way over the swing set and was turned completely inside out. Oddly, brands are not too far off and often more a reflection of what’s inside not outside.

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A Path to the Front Door

by Admin    November 15, 2010

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by Admin    November 12, 2010

This past Mon night we were honored to be part of a significant movement in our city of Atlanta – helping Stop the Candyshop.

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Guest Post: The Lost City

by Admin    November 11, 2010

Braddock, Pennsylvania is a city that probably doesn’t ring a bell. But it once embodied the American dream.

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