Smells Like A Winner

by Blake Howard    July 20, 2010

By now, most people have seen or heard of the brilliant Old Spice guy twitter video responses. The campaign produced 30 second videos at a rate of sixty a day for three days! How in the world did they pull it off? And is it on brand for Old Spice?

First, if you haven’t seen any of the video responses, stop reading and click here.

After reading several blogs about the campaign, two major things stood out to me:

#1. The Team

A super team of writers, producers, techies, and marketers crammed into a studio in Portland, Oregon and produced 87 short crafted video responses on the first day alone in just 11 short hours. If you break that down, it’s about 7 minutes per video (not taking into account any breaks for lunch or sanity). The total campaign produced over 180 brilliant videos in three short days.

They used social media to track and target “Hi-Profile” social media guru’s and responding to their questions first. Like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Alyssa Milano to name a few, but also responding to many more, famous or not. Here’s a quote from Iain Tait, global interaction Creative Director at Wieden, about how they pulled it off:

“In the room there are two social media guys and a tech guy who built a system pulling in comments from around the web all together in real time. We’re looking at who’s written those comments, what their influence is and what comments have the most potential for helping us create new content. The social media guys and script writers are collaborating to make that call in real time. We have people shooting and we’re editing it as it happens. Then the social media guys are looking at how to get that back out around the web…in real time.”

#2. Trust & Partnership

The parent company Procter & Gamble showed incredible courage trusting this super team to write the content on the fly with virtually no approval or supervision. How many companies have that level of trust and partnership with their “vendors”?

The pay off for that trust?

The #1 most viewed channel of the week on YouTube, Putting it to the #3 most subscribers of all time on YouTube, and giving the Old Spice channel just over 92 Million views. Not to mention the unquantifiable amount of chatter over the brilliance of this campaign and how it could go down in the history books as one of the most innovative campaigns using all channels of social media.

The big question: Are these commercials on Brand for Old Spice? They’ve been known as the “classic” man’s deodorant since 1938, is this campaign too far?

Now, for your viewing pleasure, my top 3 of the 180+ video responses:

4 thoughts on “Smells Like A Winner”

  1. Great post Blake. I was wondering how they pulled it off so well while skipping the whole approval process.

  2. Do you guys think this would work for our brand? I think Stewart and I would have to work on our abs a bit, but otherwise I think it works with our identity. Or…maybe not…. :)

  3. Kenji, I think it’s a little too informal for you guys. Lets just through in a neck tie then we’ll be good to go :)

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